Do you have a storefront in Miami?

Simple answer: Not yet!  But keep an eye out, we might be opening a location sooner than you think!

My mom always told me not to eat cookie dough...Why can we eat yours?!

Store-bought cookie dough to bake cookies with is NOT edible! We use a specially treated flour (well...we can't give away all our secrets!!!) and omit the eggs, and VOILA! You have scrumptious, edible cookie dough!


can I bake this dough?



how can I get my dough?



how long will mu dough last?


does your dough contain nuts?


is there a minimum order?



do you do events?


have any more questions?

We do not use eggs in our dough, therefore it is not "bake-able". But why would you want to ruin delicious dough by baking it anyways!


At the moment, we offer deliveries and curbside pick up. Check for hours above!  



Well, assuming you don't devour your dough in one sitting (which is highly unlikely that you'll have any left-over), you can store it in the fridge for 2 weeks or in the freezer for 4 months. We promise it won't last that long!


Most of our dough does not contain nuts, but please keep in mind, all of our dough is created in the same magical place which does create our scrumptious Peanut Butter flavor.


If you are ordering for delivery, our minimum order is three 8 oz tubs. If you see us at a show, you can buy as many as or just one if you'd like!


Absolutely! If you are interested in having us at one of your events, please email us with the full details to


Feel free to email us at